Career Transitions Coaching

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Are you at a career crossroads and looking for the next right step towards your goals?  Have you been successful in your work and are now seeking a promotion or a change in career?  Do you feel stuck in your current role and are seeking a more fulfilling, impactful role?

I invite you to try Career Transitions Coaching with me.  As a Career Transitions Coach, I help you to build out your vision based on your values, identify your goals, and we agree on action steps.  One small, meaningful step at a time, clients build momentum and energy.  We celebrate each success and refine our strategy as coaching progresses.

Through Co-Active Coaching, I partner with my clients creatively to inspire and facilitate their personal and professional success, as they define success.  I hold my clients as creative, resourceful and whole.  Coaching is not consulting.  While coaching includes brainstorming and making specific requests, my clients are always in the driver’s seat.

I have coached women and men who do many different types of work, such as Information Technology and Security, Real Estate, Fine Art Sales, Nonprofit and Education.  Many are well seasoned, while others are just starting out.  They are often leaders in their fields who manage teams, including United Nations personnel, a Vice President of Information Services/Technology, and an Americorps educator.  Some are entrepreneurial, starting their own businesses.

The link is that my clients are passionate about the work that they currently do, or the work that they want to be doing.  They are seeking a shift in environment, perspective, or responsibilities.  They want greater focus on what’s most important, accountability around their goals, and clarity around how to get there.

Because no area of our life exists in a vacuum, career transitions coaching often touches a number of different areas of clients’ lives.  For example, areas of life that interact with career growth and transition may include:

  • What health goals are important to me?
  • How do I maintain work/family balance?
  • How do I honor my needs for fun and leisure time?
  • What areas of personal growth matter the most?

I would love to offer you a 30-minute sample coaching call to find out if we would be a good fit to work together.  Please contact me at the link below to schedule your complimentary intro call and ask any questions you may have.



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