Work-Life Balance

My four year old son loves anything that goes:  cars, trucks, planes, boats.  He has a toy boat as part of his train track set.  I was explaining to him the other day how a captain of a ship is constantly steering and making tiny corrections in the direction in which it is headed.  Ocean waves and wind can throw off its original direction.

This is also what we do in pursuing goals.  When external forces jostle us, we correct our direction and get back on track.

The same is true for work/life balance, as well.  Imagine a tightrope walker.  She is always feeling where her body is in space and in relation to the tightrope, balancing and balancing anew.  They say that writing is rewriting.  Well, balancing is rebalancing!  We start off on any given path totally on course.  While many things can tempt to sway our course, or perhaps even take us down the garden path, there are important tools which can bring us back again.  Making a detour can even prove to have been helpful, in the end.  We can take that shovel, rake, and hoe, and use them to our advantage.

During the year in which I had an infant and a three year old, I scaled back on coaching.  It was right for my family and myself at the time.  By the time my boys turned one and four, I realized I needed more breathers to focus on other parts of myself and other parts of my life.  This can be as simple as prioritizing a hot shower or bath.  It can mean paying attention to that voice whispering a restaurant meal with my husband would be worthwhile.  It can take the form of finding  ways to work exercise into my routines.

Coaching is one of those important parts of my life that I knew needed to return front and center.  I have resumed working with a coach of my own, and I have been laying the foundation for doing more coaching.  As any parent knows, this is a multi-pronged effort.  There is scheduling to do around children’s routines and family needs.  There is office space to polish up, so to speak.  There are supplies to gather, apps to update.  As I refocus on my business, I find my excitement grows.  I walk down the street and feel as if I had a secret that I want to tell everyone I pass.  Exciting changes are underway!

I love my profession because it’s creative and effective, hence very rewarding.  It allows me to forge a strong alliance with the person I’m coaching in order to evoke transformation.  For my own life, I also love coaching because it works *with* my life.  I can schedule calls around other meaningful activities.  I don’t have to turn down a weekend hike, a freelance music opportunity, or anything else in order to succeed.  While I offer a range of times when I’m available (mornings/afternoons, weekdays/weekends), it’s a profession that truly enables me to practice healthy work/life balance–a fact that helps me to champion my clients as they seek work/life balance in their own lives.

I hope that you will contact me for a Coaching Sample Call today!  It’s 30 minutes, complimentary, and tailored to your unique needs.  Coaching changes lives–I know this firsthand!  Call or email me today:  (646) 831-5126 or