Is It Time to Connect with a Coach?


I coach women and men who are very successful in many ways but are “stuck” in some aspect as they pursue their goals. Coaching gets them un-stuck and accelerates movement towards their goals. Through a coaching alliance, clients step bravely in directions that are personally or professionally meaningful.


I am experienced in coaching on Career Transitions, Health & Wellness, and Work/Family Balance. To cite a few goals my clients have achieved, this could include a career advancement, a more rewarding work environment, a more satisfying work/life/family balance, or getting in better physical shape and training for a race.


As a coach, I rely on both evidence and intuition to elicit your wisest, bravest self. It’s your life, your vision! A coaching alliance empowers clients to clarify and attain that vision. I provide unwavering support and hold accountability. I engage clients in values clarification and visioning of desired outcomes, leveraging your strengths and past successes to catapult you towards what you want.

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Back to the gym

Day four of belonging once again to my old gym. My youngest son turned one year old just before Christmas and I have been needing to add exercise to my self-care regimen. I missed running, yoga classes, the elliptical machine.

I even missed simply stretching on a mat in a place (with music) where no one would bother me for awhile. Parenting is wonderful, but without enough breaks, can be stressful. Going to a gym gives me that much-needed break in a place that’s devoted to my health and well-being–no other distractions.

So what did I do on day four? A lovely Pilates class. I’ll be back! It was wonderful to focus on my breathing, core muscles, and building strength and flexibility.

My husband dropped our four year old off at preschool and went with the baby to buy some groceries. I walked home hearing birds chirping on this unseasonably warm February morning. I’ll admit I didn’t rush back. Now my tank is refueled for more hard parenting work (and cuddles).

What will you do for self-care today?

I coach people on health, work/family balance, and career transitions (areas of life that are interconnected!) I’d love to offer you a connection call.