“Coaching with Mary has been a wonderful experience. Through our weekly conversations she has been able to support, ground, and focus me on what is truly important in order to move forward towards my goals. Saying what I want and need out loud and getting realistic support and encouraging feedback has been very helpful. Being held accountable for the goals we set together weekly is great. I know what I need to do between calls and what actions to take next to follow through to where I want to be. I am really enjoying this work together,  growing and moving forward much faster than I would trying to do it alone. Thank you Mary!”

-Jill, Fine Arts Dealer

“I can’t say enough about Mary.  There were times I did not want to show up for myself and didn’t even understand why.  I called it lazy but Mary was able to help me identify which voices were helpful and which voices were lies.  She helped me see my inner champion, and true spirit. Mary is kind and asks the most incredible questions. There were several exercises we did and visuals that were truly inspirational.  Thank you Mary!”

-Theresa, Entrepreneur & Coach

“I was a bit unsure of what a coach would offer me in my life, and to be honest, I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed it! Mary Crow is a patient listener, and tailors the session to my needs as her client. She has helped me set goals that are realistic, and holds me accountable for my actions towards those goals. Often times, while I process my thoughts aloud to Mary, I realize that I know more about myself than I give myself credit for. The idea of coaching is not to do things for you, but to help you get to where you want to be, and Mary does just that.”

-Erin, Americorps Educator

“Mary Crow has been extremely supportive and patient as she has helped me sort through life’s many challenges.  She has worked around my demanding work schedule, and through her coaching, has helped me to clarify and understand my emotions, as well as identify and pursue reachable goals.”

-Meredith, Curator of Primates



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